First Cariños Fanclub
Founded 2022

Why become a member?

Friends of good music.
Of course, a membership here is NOT an obligation. We have founded this fan club because we have learned to appreciate the good music and especially the sympathetic and friendly appearance of the Cariños, as of Marion and Eddy.
We are of the opinion that the two of them deserve to get support in order to become a little more successful. Those who, like us, have dealt with the problems of artists who have not yet reached the big stages, even though they have the talent, will know that it is not easy to make a living.

So we would like to try here not only to promote the success of the two, we would also like to try to improve a little bit the financial situation of the two artists. In case of voluntary financial support, we have included the PayPal donation button below. This leads directly to the PayPal account of the Cariños.
No, there is NO paid membership here, everyone is welcome. However, it is up to each member of our fan club to decide whether he or she would like to make a one-time or even monthly contribution to the artists.
We assure at this point, that all payments are 100% for the benefit of the artists. Of course, we subject ourselves to a voluntary and neutral control in financial matters in this respect. Everyone talks about transparency, we practice it.

If you want to help, but not through direct payments, you are welcome to buy the music of the Cariños, which we also offer for download.

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It would be an advantage if you, as members, would also register with us so that we can keep you up to date with information by mail from time to time. You can also register yourself here.

You will also surely only receive information from us that has to do with this fan club and or the Cariños or Azteka Mariachi.

And now, for voluntary one-time donations, or even a voluntary monthly membership fee the donation button from PayPal:
(Please click on "Spenden" which means "Donate", Thank you.)

Or you can conveniently use the QR code with your cell phone