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Dates and gigs of the Cariños

At this place we will keep you informed about the current dates and gigs of the Cariños, but also of Eddy's Mariachi Band. Of course with some little information about it. The newest dates are also on top.

If you want to book "The Cariños" or Eddy's "Azteca Mariachi" for your private festivities, wedding, silver wedding, birthday, any other festivity, or just for a nice vacation group here on the island of Gran Canaria, just contact us and arrange dates and fees. Please use our contact form, thank you.

Click here for info on the appearances on the 2022 promotion tour through Germany

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¿¿¿Our Cariños in the Westfalenhalle Dortmund???

Dear friends, dear fans and supporters of the "Cariños". As a fan club, it is also one of our tasks to help Marion and Eddy achieve a little more success. A former street musician troupe gave me this daring idea. Everyone knows them, the Kelly Family. They started out as street musicians, until the father Kelly, who was convinced by his family, simply rented the Westfalenhalle on the off chance. And after that the steep rise of the Kellys was unstoppable. And now I ask you:
Can't the Cariños, can't Marion and Eddy also do what the Kellys have done?

Certainly, neither the "Cariños" nor we as a still small fan club can afford to rent the Westfalenhalle including sound and lighting equipment, which are necessary for such a hall, just like that. For this reason we have created a crowdfunding campaign to maybe get the costs together. But unfortunately it is not enough to create such an action. This must be advertised also progressively with all strength. And there we are all asked. As already said, we are not yet very many. But each of us moves in different social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. And everyone knows people who in turn know other people. If we now all, as often as possible, share this call. Again and again. If we ask all our friends to share this appeal and they in turn their friend etc. then we can perhaps create a "domino effect" so that we can reach the goal in the medium term. Follow the link to the donation form.

If you share the action on social networks, you can either link to this page or directly to the donation form (see above). Alternatively, the following link can be copied and embedded in the social networks:

Or, as a last alternative, you can also upload the image with the QR code to the social networks. Simply right-click on the image with the QR code here, then click on Save graphic, save it on your PC or cell phone and then upload it from there to the social networks.

The Cariños also with you

From June 15, 2022, the Cariños will also make another guest appearance in Germany. You can book the two for all festivities. Whether wedding celebrations, birthdays, garden parties, city festivals, or "whatever you want". The Cariños will bring the atmosphere and the great Gran Canaria feeling to your party. You can book directly with Marion: 0151-23548313 (German phone number)

Here is a social offer of the Cariños

With this offer, the Cariños turn to social institutions, institutions for our seniors, or similar institutions. Like every citizen, the Cariños, Marion Hoffmann and Edgar Eddy Gomez, know that money for social institutions is always scarce. And, of course, they must and should be used first and foremost to help and care for those in need. That thereby funds can be used only for entertainment, if all other costs are covered, is also natural. The Cariños would now like to make an offer to these institutions in Germany through us.

With pleasure Marion and Eddy appear with you. And it is sure that the two will entertain the residents very well and take a little out of their everyday life. I hope for your understanding, if the two should be replaced of course the not very expensive travel expenses. But the musical performance is worth it. And if you liked the performance of the Cariños as much as we always do, there is no reason why you shouldn't support them with a donation of your own choice. But this is absolutely voluntary. If you are interested, you can contact us.

Please use our Contact Form.

03.September 2022, Herne

18:00 h , Data still follow

26. August 2022, Kranenburg

17:00 h Restaurant El Toro, Time could still change.

Restaurant El Toro, Große Straße 78-80, 47559 Kranenburg,

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20. August 2022, Goch

13:00 h Kempers N° 5

Restaurant Kempers N° 5, Voßstraße 5, 47574 Goch

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13:00 h Eiscafe Romano II

Eiscafe Romano II, Voßstraße 8, 47574 Goch

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These two locations are right across from each other, so this gig is at the same time for both locations.

19. August 2022, Kleve

20:00 h Biertönnchen

Biertönnchen, Kavarinerstraße 36, 47533 Kleve

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17. August 2022, Kleve

15:00 h Seniorenzentrum Franziskus-Haus

Franziskus Haus, Spyckstraße 66, 47533 Kleve

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Attention, due to the still prevailing pandemic must still be clarified whether here, in a senior center, external visitors are also authorized. More info at this point.

13. August 2022, Goch

18:00 h Sparclub Heidetreff

Heidetreff, Voßheider Str. 120, 47574 Goch

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12. August 2022, Kranenburg

17:00 h Restaurant El Toro

Restaurant El Toro, Große Straße 78-80, 47559 Kranenburg,

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09. August 2022, Kamen

15:30 h Pertheszentrum

Pertheszentrum, Perthesstraße 10, 59174 Kamen

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08. August 2022, Kamen Heeren

15:30 h Laureos Residenz

Laureos Residenz, Westfälische Straße 44, 59174 Kamen

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06. August 2022, Kleve

19:00 h Ratskrug

Ratskrug-Materborn, Dorfstrasse 43, 47533 Kleve

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04. August 2022, Goch-Pfalzdorf

15:00 h Josefshaus, Haus für Senioren

Josefshaus, Hevelingstraße 120, 47574 Goch

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Attention, due to the still prevailing pandemic must still be clarified whether here, in a senior center, external visitors are also authorized. More info at this point.

30. Juli 2022, Goch

14:00 h Heidetreff

Heidetreff, Voßheider Str. 120, 47574 Goch

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22.Juli 2022, Rohrau, Austria

Here the Cariños perform together with other artists. Map and dates for a reservation below.

Start of the event 19:00 h


Schlosstaverne Rohrau
Schloss Rohrau 1
2471 Rohrau
Phone for reservations: +43 2164 2487

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For the German Cariños friends who had to stay at home:
On Saturday, 18.06.2022 you will be lucky enough to enjoy the music of the Cariños also in Germany. Because on this Saturday Marion and Eddy will perform in the beautiful Ruhr district, namely in Oberhausen. The place of performance is the restaurant "Zur Flotte", Stubbenbaum 61, 46049 Oberhausen.

Reservations at: Sorry, there is no way to reserve after all. Whoever comes is there. And if the place is full, somehow they will surely accommodate you.

You can see the exact location on the Map.
Until then, a Glück Auf to the old home.

The social aspect is not neglected either

On Friday, 17.06.2022, Marion and Eddy also turn to our seniors, who are unfortunately too often forgotten. Then on this day the Cariños perform in the senior citizens' settlement "Perthes-Zentrum" in Kamen, North Rhine-Westphalia. But this note is only meant as information. The performance is to benefit in the small circle only the inhabitants. Of course, in still pandemic times, the management of the facility wants to minimize any risk to residents from outside visitors. Treat the residents to this fun and entertainment and be understanding that you can't be there this time.
Also here from Gran Canaria we send a warm sunny greeting to the community of the Perthes Center. Have fun with Marion and Eddy.

On Friday afternoon, 10.06.2022 is from 17:30 h also the probably last performance of the Cariños at the Biofinca in Arteara (Fataga), in this season. So if you want to enjoy the Noche de Tapas with the Cariños once again, you should book in time.

On Sunday evening, 29.05.2022, the Cariños will probably perform for the last time this season in our Kultcafé Marlene. Should there be any changes, we will of course inform you here immediately. Otherwise, we would be happy to welcome you on Sunday evening, from 20:00 h in Café Marlene, upper floor in the Cita.

On Friday, 27.05.2022, the Cariños invite you to an atmospheric afternoon at the Biofinca in Arteara (Fataga), as part of the local Night of Tapas (Noche de Tapas). The event will begin, as always, at 17:30. Reservations are requested.

Wednesday evening, 25.05.2022, as every Wednesday evening performances of the Cariños at Café Marlene in the Cita. Great atmosphere with delicious drinks at Nino and Manolo. And like every Wednesday, the background choir is there again.


From tomorrow evening, the 15.05.2022 until the end of the season here in Gran Canaria, the Carinos with their musical performance now also perform every Sunday evening in the cult cafe Marlene in the Cita in Playa del Ingles. The Marlene is located on the upper floor, in the back of the Cita. But it is known by everyone there. And Nino and Manuel (Manolo) will be happy to serve you a delicious cocktail, a vino, beer, or whatever you like. The artists would be happy to welcome you there.

13.05.2022, Friday, performance at the Biofinca at Tom and Tobias Greb with delicious tapas and a stunning ambience under the stars.

Start 17:30 h. 28 different delicious tapas are also waiting for you. With great German-Mexican sounds. Reservations are requested.

11.05.2022, Wednesday, performance of the Cariños in the cult cafe Marlene, on the second floor of the Cita, entrance Avenida de Francia or Avenida de Alemania in Playa del Ingles.