First Cariños Fanclub
Founded 2022

The Cariños performing at the Biofinca for Noche de Tapas

Dear friends of the Cariños, dear guests of the Biofinca, or those who would like to become one.
Just have a look here. On the page "Next performances of the Cariños" we will always inform you in time about the respective performances. Further below also a few facts about the Bio-Finca.

But here are the promised pictures of the Cariños at the Bio-Finca:

Most of the pictures speak for themselves.

The bar under the starry sky with bar manager Tom


And here, as promised, a few data about the Biofinca itself.
The two friendly managers, Tom and Tobias, are committed to sustainability, climate protection and nature conservation.
You can get to know the numerous great projects of the two on their website.
The opening hours of the restaurant are :

Wednesday and Thursday, 13:00 h - 18:00 h
Fridays lunch from 13:00 h and the famous Noche de Tapas from 17:30 h
Saturday and Sunday from 13:00h - 20:00h
On Mondays and Tuesdays the Finca is closed to the public.
Reservations are mandatory.
Here you can book by phone or e-mail.

The route to the store and Biofinca can be found here.